Novo Nordisk Pakistan Launches "Run For Healthy Life" Campaign to Counter Obesity and Diabetes

Pakistan is ranked as 9th most obese country in the world, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study published in The Lancet medical journal.

26 November 2017: Pakistan is the 08th most obese country in the world, however there are very limited entities working to address this concern,  which is leading to diabetes and other serious diseases, putting our younger generation at risk. The facts were shared at a Press Conference in Lahore, marking the launch of “Run for Healthy Life”- a public awareness campaign by Novo Nordisk Pakistan and South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES).

The campaign is launched as a part of the broader initiative of “Changing Diabetes®” by Novo Nordisk Pakistan,  under which the organization has joined hands with SAFES , comprising of Endocrine societies from Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sir Lanka, to create awareness about obesity, one of the most important risk factors of diabetes. The partners of this campaign aim to pr…

This Mess o' Mine

A lot of that surrounds me in life is a mess, literally and figuratively, but what makes the mess a bliss is a matter of perspective. They call it trepidation, and I turn it into triumph.

My mother walks into my room telling me what an utter mess my room is. Countless books lying on top of another. A clutter of makeup I keep hoarding. Cupboard stacked with old art works I should have let go many years ago. But each of these embody a certain part of me. They speak truer about my passions than I can put into words. So I shrug it off, because there's no way these bits of my heart are leaving my space. To me it's the safest place to keep myself at bay.

I often look at my best friends doing their silly, stupid things. They're loud and wild and unashamed in their essence, and that's exactly what brings them closer to me. It's their sarcasm and pranks that put a smile on my face when life seems to exhaust my bones. Kurkure's new tvc reminded me of how these crazy folk…

Thinking of You

My head spins thinking of you
Like the hurling tides awaiting to rise

My mind slips thinking of you
Like the waves that crash under my toes

Shetland Bath and Body Products

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say, and what's better than bath and body products that are healthy for skin? I've grown immensely fond of fancy products for skincare. Recently, I got my hands on Shetland Soap Company's handcrafted soap and body wash and it's a delight. A treat to body and soul. The feel is soft and the scent is refreshing. Thankfully, it doesn't come with a strong scent that is less enjoyable and more unbearable and over the top. These products remain subtle in essence and that's the best part. The soap looks absolutely gorgeous and has an exotic touch to it. The body wash's bottle is lightweight and travel size.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, to expand on why these products have satisfied me: They are organic and include glycerin which has several nourishing properties.
Benefits of Glycerin skin products: Glycerin has soothing effect. It keeps skin soft and curbs irritation and roughness.
It locks moisture on skin and helps …

You Said, You Lost Appeal

For months on end, you waited for your calling. You waited for something to come and ignite a spark and serve you pleasure. You sunk in an empty vessel where you poured your dread hoping that some kind of sorrow could fill the void and bear a resemblance to your comfort. You looked at the world with a lens wrapped in your yearning but I promise you that when god created you, he ran out of beauty and the kind of beauty that doesn't need a beholder. You were morphed with the truth that hollows bones and your light held a voice louder than ears could fathom, maybe that's why you never found an appeal much like yourself.

#AllAboutMi: Mi 6 Sells Out Within One Week of Launch in Pakistan

Mi 6, Mi Max 2 and lines of Mi Ecosystem products make a new record of popularity through Smart Link Technologies distribution KARACHI, Aug 27 2017— Xiaomi’s official distributor Smart Link Technologies announced the fast sold out for the latest innovative products Mi 6, Mi Max 2 which were launched a week ago during an event at Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi. Known worldwide as the mastermind behind quality, innovation and creative thinking, Xiaomi has once again revolutionized the way Pakistanis utilize smart phone technology. Keeping the company’s value driven strategy alive, Smart Link Technologies, the official distributor of Xiaomi, have launched two latest smartphones Mi 6 and Mi Max 2, and a bucketful of Mi Ecosystem products throughout Pakistan starting Aug 21. All these products are available on and Director Marketing, Mr. Ahmed Butt said “Xiaomi is bringing their flagship smartphones for the first time in Pakistan. We have no doubt that the…

E.l.f. Cosmetics Review: Glow Therapy

I recently purchased some goodies from E.l.f. Cosmetics Pakistan, and honestly it beams me with joy to have brands being accessible down here.
E.I.f. Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls This is one of the most sought after drugstore highlighter rightfully so. My friend couldn't stop raving about it so I decided to get my hands on it, and I couldn't be anymore pleased. It is a baked formula, and can be applied wet for a vibrant effect while applying it dry gives a sheer pigmentation on cheeks, inner corner of eyes, cupid's bow, all over your body. Glow big or go home.
E.l.f. Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter For someone like me with branded under eye bags and dark circles, this is nothing less of holy grail specially because of how affordable it is. The concealer does its job well to rejuvenate the area around eyes and the highlighter brings instant life to it. It's liquid formula and settles well as eye shadow base too (hack!) and who doesn't love all rounded products?…

Life Needs Flavor

I like to think that people come in flavors. Some treating the tastebuds and others leaving an unpleasant aftertaste, but each having their own essence and impact in the walk of life. I am big on Lay's chips, I grew up trying out various flavors and editions but what is it like to draw parallels between how the seasoning tastes and personality traits? Salted Like the salt infested chips, these people are ones with a low profile but deeply ingrained beliefs always stand out. As being piquant and appetizing, they lead an intriguing life and are intellectually stimulating. Masala These folks have spice invested within them and they're vigorous, full of zest and sharpness. Their well articulated persona makes an impression and their unapologetic snarkiness spares no soul. They are fierce and aggressive against all odds (or flavors). Yogurt and Herb These people carry balanced lives, as do the sound flavors. They are mysterious yet fascinating. Conscientious being the strong suit, th…

Are Real Men Truly Real?

What really is a real man, I wonder. Desi culture has vicious societal expectations to be a "real man". Conform to the gender normative notions of manliness, then you're a MAN. It starts early when gendered toys are imposed upon children. Don't play with kitchen set or dolls, boys play with trucks and guns. Put that pink stuff down. Boys wear blue. Then comes stripping these young lads off their very humanity, discouraging boys from showing emotions. Didn't you know, boys don't cry? Don't be sissy, MAN UP. Suppress your feelings. Channelize it through aggression. Little do you know that suppressing emotions isn't always compensated by laughing it off. It has real damaging consequences to mental health and behavioral issues and there is actual data to prove it. The idea of strong and brave men not crying or fearing is detrimental to abuse victims. There are boys unable to talk about their abuses because of the minimization, dismissal and backlash they …

Syrupy Sweet Eid

Flip the calender to a week earlier and we had Eid on our ends. Putting an end to Ramadan, the month of spiritual enlightenment and virtues of humanity and humbleness, Eid is no different when it comes to strengthening these very notions of love and peace. Growing up in South Asian culture, one knows the significance of spending festivals with family and sharing the goodness around.  To portray this essence of warmth within family bonds, a TVC was aired by RoohAfza and it touched me to a personal level. The story is of a boy who reaches out to his grandfather and presents him a sweet, syrupy dessert on the occasion of meethi Eid. To return the gesture, elderly grandfather bestows upon him a monetary gift that is Eidi. It takes me back to the memories made with my late grandparents who not only devoured desserts being the sweettooths but always showered me with gifts and their token of affection. Needless to say, the commercial reflects core values of Pakistani culture and tugs at the …