Karachi Eat Festival 2019 Guide and Reviews

Karachi Eat Festival is an annual ritual for the inhabitants of K-town. We live for food and that’s what it is all about.

I walked in with my friends and that allowed us all to share and try lots of items. The parking was a bit of hassle so one has to be prepared to walk a lot. Ticket costs Rs. 350, only women can buy it, and most food items cost between 200-400. There are no ATMs inside, it’s best to carry change. The entry was smooth and once you’re in, the crowd is well managed and hygiene taken care of. Safeguard was all around helping wash hands after eating, I found that adorbs!
Coming towards the food, I tried a bunch of things. There were highs and lows.

SÓL Butter Beer was refreshing and albeit not a HP fan, I was pleasantly amused.
Khurram’s Steak and Grill. He’s the man behind CFU steak, except this was cheaper and without month long reservation time. They recommended their Steak Strips and it was up to mark.
Sweet Greens had Red Chilli Taco. I was a little bummed that it was se…

In Conversation With Young Mother and Beauty Blogger, Jannat Mir

Being a blogger for years now, one of the most heartwarming feelings is to make blogger friends through the process. One of my friends who I’ve known from before blogging, Jannat Mir, recently dived into the realm and did it all fantastically through her sheer commitment. Alongside with creating some wonderful beauty and makeup related content, she’s a full-time mommy so I thought it’d be nice to have a swift conversation about what it’s like and have her take on here. Let’s jump right in!

Hi, Jannat. You’ve quickly made yourself a name in blogging so let us know a bit about yourself and how it all began. 
Hey! I’m Jannat. A blogger, influencer and a mother of a one year old baby boy. Alhumdulillah. This little one was in my tummy when I decided to start a blog. I didn’t know what exactly I was going to do, why exactly I made it but I knew one thing for sure. I need to do something and everything that would inspire others to do what they love, no matter what. I started off work ith shar…

Review: Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Masks

Another skin care post? Why yes, of course! Garnier has been my one true undefeated champ in my skin care regimes for years now so this serves as an ode. I got my hands on Garnier’s new range of Pure Charcoal Tissue Masks and boy were they worth it.

Let me fill you in with some insight on the ingredients. Charcoal has natural cleansing properties but we all know making a face mask gets too messy for our own good so sheet masks got that covered! It has Hyaluronic acid that is literally skin food. It maximizes collagen synthesis, locks moisture and has countless anti-age benefits. Too much science? To cut the chase, it basically makes skin look supple and hydrating. They are enfused in black algae and black tea as well which detoxify and rejuvenate skin cells.

Coming to giving these sheet masks a whirl, this is how it went. First things first, it was super easy to use. Just popped it out, unfolded and voila! I have to admit though I wasn’t sure if it goes on a specific way around? Both si…

Review: L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks

Lately I had been all about skincare and trying out regimes that work best of my much ignored epidermis and when L’Oréal sent my way two variants of their clay masks, I couldn’t have been any more elated.

I tried these two variants and gave multi masking a whirl. 

The first one was Blue Anti Blemish with Marine Algae. 
This mask aims to clear blackheads and shrink pores. It has a thick non-drying formula, almost metallic, and leaves a dope sheen on the face. I’m not sure if it really helps with blackheads because I haven’t used long enough but I’m pleasantly surprised overall. My skin is clean with just one use, dirt and sebum cleared out. I’ve a combination/oily skin and I noticed how it does put the excess oil at bay. Looks very promising in the long run.
The second one was Yellow Brightening with Yuzu Lemon.
This mask evens and lightens skin tone. Heaven knows I needed it for my hyper pigmentation. Lemon containing products tend to make my skin blotchy, which surprisingly didn’t happen…

17 Things I Learnt in 2017

This year brought with itself myriad of positive and negative things. I met some great people, went through academic ups and downs, made achievements, went live on national television, fell in and out of love, got my heart broken, struggled with mental health, burnt some bridges and lit my way. There were moments of self-discovery, learning and embracing. Here’s to 2017, 17 things it taught me:
1. Someone will always make fun of you. Ignore them and do your thing. Whether it was my work, doing paid promotions for brands, or my taste, from music to my choice of drink, someone had to make jokes about it. I ignored them all.
2. You cannot please everybody. My activism and angry feminist rants pissed off a great deal of people but that didn’t stop me from what I believe in. Seek the truth regardless of obstacles. 
3. You will not be right always. Don’t be afraid of taking in new perspectives. There were times where I knew where my ignorance came from and welcomed constructive criticism. I too…

An Open Letter to Soon To-Be-Married Best Friend

Dear soon to-be-married best friend, 
Both these things in the salutation are ironic. Best friend? I’d rather call you my sister that I didn’t biologically have. And soon to-be-MARRIED! Can you believe it?! I can’t, and I’m squealing as I type. Because firstly, someone accepted to marry you with all your craziness? He’s surely in for a ride. And secondly, remember when you’d cringe at the slightest mention about boys? And now you’re finally tying THE knot. Holy mother of shaadi. We’ve come a long, long way since. I cannot put into words how overwhelming it is for me to have known you as that loud, straight-forward, lunatic freak from school blossoming into such a mature, composed personality, doing all this adult stuff. 
I’m sitting here reminiscing all that we’ve shared in our friendship all these years, our achievements and (public) embarrassments, makeovers and lazing around at your house while you sleep, coconut juices and sour candies, sharing clothes and humming old songs, the …

Review: Neutrogena Hand Cream and Moisturiser

We don’t get the extreme weather situation down here in Karachi, but the change in seasons gets to the body nonetheless. And that means new skincare regime. Neutrogena has been one of my top go-to brands for the longest time, ever. Here’s two products I have used and my insight.
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Packaging/Quality It comes in a medium sized tube with consisting of 75 ml of concentrated hand cream. The package says it’s enough for 300 applications. The size is very convenient for me as I can keep it in my bag wherever I go. One thing I didn’t like is the screw lid and I’d much rather have a flip lid for quick use. 
Formula/Quality  It has petroleum-jelly like formula that creates a protective barrier. A bit greasy in the beginning but as you rub, it absorbs well and really does keep hands soft and smooth. I have ridiculously rough hands compared to most people and I dab a pea sized amount (as recommended on the packaging too) and it’s enough due to thick, blend-able co…

Novo Nordisk Pakistan Launches "Run For Healthy Life" Campaign to Counter Obesity and Diabetes

Pakistan is ranked as 9th most obese country in the world, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study published in The Lancet medical journal.

26 November 2017: Pakistan is the 08th most obese country in the world, however there are very limited entities working to address this concern,  which is leading to diabetes and other serious diseases, putting our younger generation at risk. The facts were shared at a Press Conference in Lahore, marking the launch of “Run for Healthy Life”- a public awareness campaign by Novo Nordisk Pakistan and South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES).

The campaign is launched as a part of the broader initiative of “Changing Diabetes®” by Novo Nordisk Pakistan,  under which the organization has joined hands with SAFES , comprising of Endocrine societies from Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sir Lanka, to create awareness about obesity, one of the most important risk factors of diabetes. The partners of this campaign aim to pr…

This Mess o' Mine

A lot of that surrounds me in life is a mess, literally and figuratively, but what makes the mess a bliss is a matter of perspective. They call it trepidation, and I turn it into triumph.

My mother walks into my room telling me what an utter mess my room is. Countless books lying on top of another. A clutter of makeup I keep hoarding. Cupboard stacked with old art works I should have let go many years ago. But each of these embody a certain part of me. They speak truer about my passions than I can put into words. So I shrug it off, because there's no way these bits of my heart are leaving my space. To me it's the safest place to keep myself at bay.

I often look at my best friends doing their silly, stupid things. They're loud and wild and unashamed in their essence, and that's exactly what brings them closer to me. It's their sarcasm and pranks that put a smile on my face when life seems to exhaust my bones. Kurkure's new tvc reminded me of how these crazy folk…

Thinking of You

My head spins thinking of you
Like the hurling tides awaiting to rise

My mind slips thinking of you
Like the waves that crash under my toes