Ambition Veiled

a pair of eyes,
heavy with dreams, brimful of impatience,
look back at me
and seize my selfish bone.
not only does it pluck it out of me
but destroy to mortality,
never to be seen.
Mother, I'm doing this for you. 
for you, this is done.
I felt myself growing with plans,
scenarios I pictured in my head,
countless plots at my fingertips,
but they suddenly depart forever,
never to be welcomed,
back in me again,
like showers from my iris,
like scalps from my skin.


  1. Made me think of that Iranian girl. Lovely but sad..

  2. Sad that someone had to suppress their dreams and aspirations to gain someone's approval.

    Well written. Do drop by mine. I write short stories, twisted stories, humour, poems, sociopolitical stuff and more


  3. Very well written indeed..
    I have written something on similar lines.. would like u to read it..

  4. Here's a bit of it :

    His dreams were part of his reality,
    so close to his heart, filled with purity..
    A part of him dies within,
    being selfless is not easy..

  5. Here's the link to it:

  6. Thank you guys for stopping by and dropping your feedback.

    CRD, I most definitely will.
    Dreaming Wanderer, I shall go through it


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