New Year Resolutions

  • Believe in resolutions.
That is clearly the first thing you need to focus on.
  • Go for morning walks. 
I'm always lazy but they are so brilliant that, later, I question myself why was I even lazy in the first place?
  • Don't skip breakfasts.
Please, dear self. Just. Don't.
  • Start driving.
Get a licence first, though.
  • Cut down on Coke.
It's shit. Yummy. But shit.
  • Stop spending too much on jewelry that is never used.
Spend on something more useful instead, yeah? Or just donate.
  • Lose an arguments to save the friendship.

Not the other way round.
  • Quit collecting irrelevant shit.

Because what's the point of owning tons of stones and leaves and petals even if I did go all gaga over it upon finding them?
  • Accept yourself.
Swear all your want, if that helps to relieve stress. Isolation is not criminal. Passions that are looked down upon are okay to wear.
  • Own more bracelets.
Because why not?
  • Write. A lot.
Write everyday. Write everything. Write everywhere.
It's about time I move them from personal folders to online collections.
  • Pick more truths while playing Truth Or Dare.
Just for a change.
  • Dance more often.
But learn to dance first.
  • Believe in recovery. Forgive yourself.
Shit happens. Shit gets better.

I can't remember the last time I penned down a list of resolutions for myself mainly because I never believed in it. Not that I do now but I thought this should be done, just for the heck of it. Take my word, your new year is going to be another average year and no different that the previous one unless you make an effort to bring about a change, unless you be the change your wish to see. The flipping of calender makes no significant contributions towards making your life any happier but, I wish you a happy new year. Just for the heck of it.


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