Happy New Year

don't you think it's crazy
how the calender only flipped

and we think it's a new age
when it's just a new year

isn't it absurd
to associate another year
with erasing memories
bringing about changes
revising our lives
pretending to evolve

I am sorry
for I may be cynical
I find it funny
the way your world works

I find it utterly irrational
all the things we do
the exceptions we make
the barriers we break
the justifications we take

suddenly turning
a blind eye
a deaf ear
all the evils
the deafening silence
the blinding negativity

forgetting the mistakes
forgiving the unacceptable
forgoing corruption
neglecting sheer pain
omitting reality 

bidding goodbyes
proposing greetings
wishing for happiness
yearning for goodness
soughting oblivion 

I find it impossible
to use a new year
as a reason
to ignore the immorality
to fool our minds
to play with hearts

I find it strange
to label another year
as an excuse
to seek refuge
to be unreasonable
to be hopeful
to be whole again


  1. Did you write this yourself ?

  2. Nobody is ignoring immorality.
    We use new year but as a white page.
    A new beginning.
    WHY HATE a reason to be hopeful again.?
    It's not to hide and overwrite sins.
    Stupid cynic bitch.

  3. Anon, obviously..?

    Inseyn, lol
    I fail to understand how the beginning of Gregorian calendar has anything to do with resetting our daily lives. I never discouraged hopefulness but the general concept of romanticizing new year and associating it with goodness is funny and selfish, to me. just an independent thought. no need to boss. but oh, to return the favor, you're bitchy too.

  4. Lol Maryam, this Inseyn guy was trolling on my blog as well, just ignore him.

    Great poem, didn't know you had a knack for writing such awesome verses! That picture is so morbid, but quite deep.

    Have a great new year, love you.


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