Revealing the Concealed

I met a stranger
one lonely, lovely afternoon
before even realizing
he could see
through and beyond me
as I rested conveniently
in the comfort of anonymity
soughting a sanctuary
in the midst of transparency

I felt myself dipping
in the abyss of truth
unzipping my skins
unveiling my bruises, my scars
I volunteer to open up
inside out
I helpless let my hand slide
unmasking the layers of facades
without rooms for reluctance
without trembling of insecurity

I let out another sigh of relief
in the solace of newly found freedom
with the validation of acceptance
and the absence of prejudice
the denial of disloyalty
the fearlessness of judgement

in time,
I swear,
I laid bare
I poured my heart out
I teared my skin apart,
I gushed myself open,
for I was free
I was oblivious 


  1. Gorgeous. Inseyn is hard to impress.

  2. It seems that genuine thoughts have found rhythmically crafted words in which one can lend ear to confide in. Pleasure reading.


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