I don't care what the future holds for me but only that you'll be in it. Because no matter how many times I encounter the dark, I won't find another light.
Before I shut my eyes close, you're the last dawn I want to see. And when I wake up I will be hanging from the branches of your dreams. And wherever I am, I will sit across the bleak landscape that you are and fall into a gentle quiet.
And when I finally rest my broken bones under the rotting floor, I will remember to confess my sins on your tongue.
The heart knows its crimes and I will remember to pray that my unclean spirits are easy to swallow. My blood will always acknowledge where it belongs and it will kneel down at your feet as her final wish is fulfilled.


  1. While reading this I imagined the dark hours of the night, a woman clad in a black dress roaming a forest under the moonlight. Got the dark, chill and tales of heartbroken writer vibes. Loved it


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