Say It With A Smile

Ever had a moment when words fell short to articulate your emotions? Ever felt like you had a perpetually resting bitch face? Or worse, ever had a guy tell you straight up, "you should smile more often?" and truth be told, striking a smile feels like a whole new struggle in itself? That's when Lay's Say It With A Smile comes in handy and to the rescue.
Besides being absolutely mouth-watering with its ever appetizing flavors, Lay's manages to impact lives in yet another way.
We all can agree that a smile can go a long way and what's better than devouring scrumptious chips and exchanging radiating grins at the same time? The initiative is a clutter breaking and an engaging instigator to the Smiles campaign. These cheeky smiles on Lay's packs belong to various movie characters/genres and feature some prominent Pakistani celebrities like Shahid Afridi, Momal Shaikh & Imran Abbas as seen in the new TVC.
To add more to the beamful smiles, as part of the Lay’s campaign, the brand has also launched Lay’s Win It With A Smile promo bestowing a chance to win Samsung S7 Edge daily and a cash prize of a whooping one million rupees every week! All it takes to make an entry is to scratch the promo code on the back of the Lays Smiles pack and SMS to 9005.
Keep smiling. For when a simple smile doesn't cut it, Say It With A Smile!


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