Stuck in the Middle

somewhere between your past and future,
I exist, I subsist.
an intermission of a movie,
a half time in the series
living like a constant apology
concealed behind my ribs
I can't dare let go,
for I am the backup
never the priority,
always an option
because being hopelessly at your disposal
never do I stop and stare,
and question your motives in multitudes
so it hangs around my wrist like a tag
the horror of rupturing apart
and the trauma of destruction,
it binds down my neck like a noose
and I continue to hold on,
and not throw over the edge,
because you're the type of a person
who wouldn't wait around to hear it shatter
and with the least of interest
you have the most control,
leaving me in a chaos,
I remain indecisive
like a cloudy day with dilemma
whether or not to rain,
whether or not to shine


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