a slave to corrupt impulses
she got abused shamelessly
imprisoned by debauched desires
the lone possession
benumbed by cunning guile
ruptured by deceit.

the manipulation was concealed
veiled beneath the deluding intimacy
a touch of exploitation
a touch endeavoring to sabotage
stabbing with refined atrocity
a hazy devastation
shrouded in mist
disguise in camouflage.

the extreme alluring silhouette
the overwhelming touch
tracing irresistibly
the undeniable drive

for the poor bosom went powerless
forlorn of all hope
doleful by the curse
raped of innocence
perversed in the name of love
as her fate was plotted
as his leisure was ensured,
with a deceiving caress at a time
with a subtle seduction at a time.


  1. A poignant poem of a girl taken of her innocence. Beautiful writing :) I hope to have a wider range of vocabulary like you!

  2. wao.... nice work mohtrma.... i like your blog...finally i found a good one


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