Look What You Have Done To Me

I'm never going to forget you
for what you made me into
how gently you held my hand
opening doors of lust and love
allowing me to erase the lines
that differentiate pain and pleasure
teaching me all your ways
with a disgusting smile plastered up there

I'll always remember you
because the person who introduces you to kink
defines them in a distinct way
I'll always associate blood with possession,
I'm forever your thing to bleed
I think of your holy touch
as the stimulation that proves we're alive
I blankly stare at the walls
wondering how it feels to be held against them
the sheer desperation you sparked
has me celebrating a tragedy
here I lie, as you glance from afar
stuck in my innocent vulnerability,
moaning songs of suffering


  1. Submission to ecstasy in a demure shade.. Very well written!!
    This is highly sensual and yet the waves are silent.
    Do you know what you've made of me? - A big fan :)

    keep writing!

  2. "associate blood with possession" ... That's something deep girl..

  3. Thank you guys. I'm so glad you like it.


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