I'll Take The Road That Leads To My City

I walk through dusty roads
until the end of paved paths
I stay stuck in endless jammed traffic
only so I may fuse
with these narrow streets

born under the shadow of thick population,
raised in the midst of futile
chants and slogans,
I've known what it's like
to age with ever-growing nuisance

I rose to love with all my heart
despite the fumes infusing my lungs
because these skyscrapers hovering above
have only taught me to
stand tall and dream big
these bridges and flyovers
lift nothing up but my spirits

and who knew that mucky beaches
could purify even my soul?
who would have thought a desert
could quench my thirst?

on paan spattered walls,
were chalked the lessons of life
behind rickshaws and trucks,
was adorned my dose of love
at roadside cafes,
I found a God.
In temples and shrines,
I learnt to bond.


  1. This is an overwhelming picture you painted with your words... How you took every negative as a positive..Best part is " on the paan spattered walls were chalked the lessons of life."..Impressive.

  2. Abbas moulaey, thank you for your appreciation


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