Laal Sharbat Therapy

There are some memories from childhood that remain an integral part of who we are today. More often than not, these memories are not found in photo albums but in distinct feelings, scents and tastes. In the savoury snacks and sugary drinks, with the closest people around, some of these most cherished memories are formed. One of such elements in Pakistani culture have been the ever celebrated drink, RoohAfza. Merely the sight of laal sharbat takes one back to those Ramzan evenings or scorching summer afternoons spent in devouring the thirst quentcher. It's a staple household item nobody is unfamiliar with and is consumed in various versatile ways, be it in drinks with a tinge of lime, shakes or desserts.
Recently RoohAfza released a thoroughly emotional and soul-stirring TVC going by the name of Zindagi Mubarak. Not only does it pull the right strings but effortlessly reminds me of the good old days. It's things like these that reinforce how true joy lies in sharing simple experiences that are passed on from generation to generation.


  1. Recently a competitor of rooh afza (Jaam-sherren) launched a sparkling drink which is as bad as jaam e shereen. Have you ever tasted jam e shereen


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