Life Needs Flavor

I like to think that people come in flavors. Some treating the tastebuds and others leaving an unpleasant aftertaste, but each having their own essence and impact in the walk of life. I am big on Lay's chips, I grew up trying out various flavors and editions but what is it like to draw parallels between how the seasoning tastes and personality traits?


Like the salt infested chips, these people are ones with a low profile but deeply ingrained beliefs always stand out. As being piquant and appetizing, they lead an intriguing life and are intellectually stimulating.


These folks have spice invested within them and they're vigorous, full of zest and sharpness. Their well articulated persona makes an impression and their unapologetic snarkiness spares no soul. They are fierce and aggressive against all odds (or flavors).

Yogurt and Herb

These people carry balanced lives, as do the sound flavors. They are mysterious yet fascinating. Conscientious being the strong suit, they talk less but mean a lot. The best thing is that they're a healthy company to keep and they translate their goodness to others.

Ketchup Tango

Pungent and tangy, they are life of the party and ever so trendy. These people are both sweet and sarcastic. Perhaps their edginess is too much to savour but their presence is a treat. They are devoted to their cause and dramatic to the core.

French Cheese

I like to associate these people with their flirtatious cheesiness (pun intended). They are kind, soulful and woo others with their striking attractive aura. Being emotionally expressive beings, they radiate their good vibe.

Just like flavours are to feast on, people are to celebrate life with. You encounter them, exchange the hints of your lives and share the relish they bring. That being said, Lay's is introducing new flavors being the instigator to spice up our dull lives with Mexican Paprika and Thai Chili

Munch on and appreciate.


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